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February 28, 2007 by greywar
     When you read webpages about a topic you have to consider the ties of the people who write them. If you look up "Dangers of vaccinations" on Google yoou will fin a host of innocuous looking sites claiming that vaccinations are uneccessary and that all you need to do is allow yourself to eliminate toxins from the body by allowing diseases to run their course through vomiting and diarrhea. Chiropractors and osteopaths will tell you that all you need is a back adjustment an...
February 13, 2007 by greywar
     I really want to write something. Really, I'm serious. Maybe a screedy political rant thoroughly laced with unusual combinations of profanity, perhaps an article delineating the things I adore about a game no one but me and Pseudosoldier have ever played, or perhaps a long winded diatribe regarding the continuing decline of Army culture (you know, the ones that draw less commentary than the ADOM articles) but I just can't.

     The non-stop, wall-...
February 7, 2007 by greywar
     The Army needs to find ways to keep it’s costs under control and replacing the current retirement system with a 401(k) system is one that should be done right now.

*WARNING* : Long and number filled article ahead!

      For those that don’t know the military has been reducing and restructuring it’s retirement benefits for some time. The programs offered vary but the  most common for military who entered service after 1986 are High-3, R...
January 30, 2007 by greywar
     Anyone know what happened to Parated2k? His blog site just has one article from last year on it.
January 30, 2007 by greywar
     What is the military for? What does it mean to be a military family? These are questions which go largely unasked by some military families until the day that Mom or Dad gets deployment orders.

     90% of military families confront these questions then and there, reaching the inevitable conclusion that Mom or Dad is a soldier and soldiers fight in wars. This means that separations from their families are not just to be tolerated but expected an...
January 26, 2007 by greywar
Just wondering if there is something going on down in the DB trenches? JU seems to be acting up, tripple posts, recent article bar updating once every hour or so, load errors... Not griping, just curious.
January 26, 2007 by greywar
If you are looking for today's wordy/opinionated post regarding Standards in the Army either scroll farther down or go directly to the permalink here. Others just enjoy the picture and an unrelated video from the Ft. Huachuca Intelligence school graduation :



The AF Chief Master Sergeant pictured is LC Country Red from the Anti-Idiotarian Empire.


And here is the Graduation video (long) :
January 26, 2007 by greywar
Warning: Military content ahead. If you are easily bored go read Lileks instead.

Question: Is the Army better off recruiting geniuses or altruists?


     When I was thinking of joining the military (I wanted the Air Force BTW (as a small arms instructor)) two of my close friends also wanted to join up. All 3 of us went and took the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) test to qualify with the following results:

“Rob”: Scored well enough for...
January 25, 2007 by greywar
      Ok you miserable bags of shit : I have had it. I have been a hell of a lot more tolerant and a lot less vulgar since my return from blogging hiatus but you excerable, defeatist, Anti-American, traitorous fuckbags have found a way to piss me off again. Be thankful I am not drunk while writing this as that would prompt even more invective.

     Not only are you applauding the deaths of Americans in Iraq (an act worthy of a treason conviction i...
January 23, 2007 by greywar
     Here is the indirect reason for this entry. Via Espn of all things.

"At a marina near Russell Springs, workers spent Monday moving million-dollar houseboats to moorings where they can stay afloat after the water recedes.

"We're kind of at a loss," said Estelee Slusser, who operates the Alligator Dock No. 1 marina. "It has just happened so quickly. We really don't know what to do."

The Army Corps notified local officials and business owners before making the plan...
January 22, 2007 by greywar
     *Disclaimer : I do not support any candidates as of yet nor does Barack Obama's politics come anywhere near my own.

/rant on

     So Barack Obama apparently attended a Madrassa in Indonesia for a few years as a young child. I could give a damn. Here is why:


- The guy verifiably went back to live with his maternal grandparents in Hawaii by age 10.

- Religious programming of any ilk works poorly without constant re-enforcement.
January 19, 2007 by greywar
     60% of Americans say ham is evil! So why does this administration continue to support the use of ham in schools!

     Sound outrageous? Of course it does. It is an outrageous claim. If I actually expected you to believe this it would be reasonable to ask me for a link to the source of my claim. If you asked for proof of it and I couldn't provide it you would be justified in assuming that I was full of shit.

     This sam...
January 19, 2007 by greywar
     I don't understand why the U.S. even bothers with the U.N. and it's toothless appeasement branches like the IAEA anymore. (from Yahoo News)

El Baradei (Head Eunuch of the IAEA) -

"I don't think sanctions will resolve the issue. I think sanctions, in my view, could lead to escalation on both sides,"

      Needless to say he also opposes military action of any kind. In fact it really seems that El Baradei thinks the only solution for the ...
January 18, 2007 by greywar
     This is a bit of old news but I keep seeing the Milgram shock study popping up in places like Slashdot, the Cato Institute blog, etc as though it was new and/or a surprising result. For those who don't know here is a summary:

     Milgram's study placed a test subject (you) into a situation where they were instructed by an authority figure to administer electric shocks of increasing intensity to another subject (actually an actor). T...
January 17, 2007 by greywar
*Edited for many typos.    

     Korean dancer in a bar speaking to Greywar (in Korean): "This guy is ugly and stupid but at least he bought me a night off."

     Greywar's nonlinguist friend : "What did she say?"

     Greywar : "She thinks you're cute."

     Lesson : Translators oftentimes have their own agendas. In the above conversation my agenda was to preserve my friend's good ti...