Traitorous Fucking Ghouls
Published on January 25, 2007 By greywar In Politics

      Ok you miserable bags of shit : I have had it. I have been a hell of a lot more tolerant and a lot less vulgar since my return from blogging hiatus but you excerable, defeatist, Anti-American, traitorous fuckbags have found a way to piss me off again. Be thankful I am not drunk while writing this as that would prompt even more invective.

     Not only are you applauding the deaths of Americans in Iraq (an act worthy of a treason conviction in my book (no death penalty, but rather revocation of citizenship would be appropriate here)) but you are also showing your complete and utter ignorance of the modern military at the same time. Nice "two-fer" cockmasters.

     Am I questioning your patriotism? No, I am dismissing it outright. You aren't Patriots, Loyal Dissenters, Americans, or even Human. You are nothing but bipedal nitnoids so desperate to prove that Mommy, Daddy, and everything they and previous generations worked to build is "wrong" because Daddy wouldn't let you smoke weed in the basement when you were 12.

     To accomplish this pathetic bit of parental catharsis you are willing to accept anything: even the murder of Americans and gleefully celebrate these horrible events since it will be the first time in 5 years you will be able to achieve an erection on your own. Hell you would love to see America outright lose a war sometime just so Joseph doesn't have to use holographic gay porn and a bullwhip to stimulate you for a change. Simple "American Merc" snuff films will do the trick instead.

     Fuck you and everything you "stand for".

     What pissed me off so much? Some samples regarding the following news item:

"Five civilians died in the Baghdad crash of a helicopter owned by the private security company Blackwater USA, according to a U.S. military official. The helicopter was shot down Tuesday over a predominantly Sunni neighborhood, a senior Iraqi defense official said. The crash came three days after a U.S. Black Hawk helicopter crashed northeast of Baghdad, killing all 12 soldiers aboard."


From the Huffington Post Commentariot:

"This should read: Mercenary helicopter shot down over Baghdad...

I thought there were proscriptions against such things, be they American or not. Just more no bid contracts for the Bush crime family.

Impeach. "


"finally, good news from Iraq. "


"Sorry, but I have no sympathy for mercenaries. They're hired killers, not soldiers. "

(right, "Screw Them" is the phrase of preference from KOS) (also displays a remarkable ignorance of the All-Volunteer, All Mercenary Military we currently have. The only militaries that are not mercenary armies are conscript armies... Shall we go back to that model? - GW)

"Why not call these "Private Security" contractors what they really are? Mercenaries.
Private security contractor dead. Sad.
Mercenary dead. who cares? "


"A Mercenary is a Mercenary.. No matter how many times the Bush Administration and their Republican Mushrooms(who are kept in the dark and fed shit) try to say, they are contractors. Making boocoo bucks in a war zone.. Including a Iraqi Civil War Quagmire.
Let the Neo Conservative Conglomerate News Media such as CNN, MSNBC, FOX,CBS, ABC, NBC, and the 700 Club try to spin it. They can try because they are funded by the "Ministry of Propaganda" who's spending tens of billions of American Taxpayer dollars at the Republican Bush Administration orders to lie and deceive the American Taxpayers who is funding the propaganda.
Where're Republican Mushrooms??? Anyone??? "


     Funny, I was a "contractor" in the military for 13 years and I made "boocoo" bucks in Iraq too. Would they cheer my death? Yes, but not in public since it would expose too much of their mindlessness to the light.

     Sadly, this celebration of American deaths goes on for page after page at the Huffington Post.

     The gloves are off, shitweasels. I have nothing left in my tolerance tank for human scum like you. Even so, I won't be rooting for your death because I am actually a functional member of society.

     I will however continue to argue that people like this should lose their franchise and citizenship rights. I believe that these morons are a burden on society and progress as such, they should be marginalized and pushed to the edge of the herd. Feel free to try your "philosophy" on the rest of the world's nations.


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on Jan 25, 2007
Shit weasels? I like it. Well, that shit weasel is too stupid to know the term is beaucoup which is french for "a lot". But then what would you expect from a bunch of brain dead ghouls?
on Jan 25, 2007
I am finally on!

After reading the pages and pages of il-educated morons, my blood is boiling. There is one entry that asks if Blackwater is a terrorist organization. And then there were these little gems:

'Excellent! You go Allah!' and 'I love it when the bad guys are killed. I hope they burned for a while.....a proper entre' to the hell they are continuing to worship. '

Such very sad lives these Americans live.
on Jan 25, 2007
I don't think I can even formulate a proper response to this sort of insane babble coming from people who are obviously deranged. Shit weasels seems fitting.
on Jan 25, 2007
i am curious to the details here..."Funny, I was a "contractor" in the military for 13 years and I made "boocoo" bucks in Iraq too."

if i am asking something that has already been answered, you can just point me to that instead of wasting time re-answering it.

on Jan 25, 2007

if i am asking something that has already been answered,

No problem SC, I was in the Army as a Korean linguist from 1992 until Oct 2005. I too went to Iraq for a bit (and enjoyed the hell out of it) and made a boatload of cash while there due to combat pays and tax-free status.

The "contractor" reference is that each soldier signs a 2-6 year contract of emplyment with the Army for set amounts of bay, bonuses, and benefits just like any Blackwater guy does. The Army went all professional (mercenary) after the end of the Vietnam era drafts.

I have posted about bits and pieces of this here and there but it is hard to keep track of after so many posts. I don't think I could really provide a single link that would have explained it.


As a side note many JU'ers are from former units of mine. Junielass above used to be Estrogen Lass and is my lovely and talented wife (currently also active duty Army).

on Jan 25, 2007
They're not leftest...they're not even on the fucking chart.

As you said, they're not even qualified to be human...saying shit like that, mocking people that have died...that's just fucking disgusting.

on Jan 25, 2007

They're not leftest...they're not even on the fucking chart.

Well as Arquonzo once opined : "Once you far enough towards either end of the spectrum you just start circling to the other side". I think that applies.

on Jan 25, 2007

Christ, why do you read this shit, greywar?

Sometimes I simply have to read opposing views. Occasionally it results in an anuerism.

on Jan 25, 2007
I followed the link, read the article, and could only manage the first page of comments before my blood pressure was elevated and the throbbing started behind my eye. This stuff pisses me off, especially with nbs' trip coming up. I have never worn the uniform myself, and most likely never will, but with the time I have been associated with the military and situations I've been through, I have nothing but respect for the job all of our "mercenaries" do.

There is no logic whatsoever in the majority of the comments I read. As for the remarks about conservative mushrooms, maybe those Shiitakes should take a look in the mirror.
on Jan 25, 2007


1.Motivated solely by a desire for monetary or material gain.
2.Hired for service in a foreign army.


1.One who serves or works merely for monetary gain; a hireling.
2.A professional soldier hired for service in a foreign army.

All soldiers get paid...does that make them all mercenaries?...Personally I don't think money motivates them as much as serving their country, afterall there are a lot safer ways of making money. Also, they were American, by no means recruited by a foreign army. Those definitions already discredit everything they said....crazy fucking bastards. There are some people that you just want to beat the shit out of because you truly can't believe that they're capable of being so God damn stupid.

on Jan 25, 2007

I have never worn the uniform myself, and most likely never will

Never a requirement for an opinion...


Personally I don't think money motivates them as much as serving their country

I would love to back you on this Zoo but I can't. Huge quantities of American soldiers have no altruism in them at all. This is not to say that there are not plenty of Patriots in the Army but a great many join for all the wrong reasons.


Perhaps SNBS, Chiprj, Pseudo or any of the others might have a different take on it, but thats they way I saw it for years.

on Jan 25, 2007
While I have seen few soldiers that fit the exact definition of mercenary given above (although I have sadly met some that are motivated solely by the monetary gain), I have met even fewer that are so patriotic as to not try to get as much as they could out of the Army. Pay issues can be a huge detriment to morale; I have one soldier today who informed me that he is owed $3000 in back pay for housing allowance because someone decided that his orders didn't apply when they said "don't move your dependents."

This isn't to mention all those soldiers that don't want to go to war because they only signed up for the college money (fewer and farther between since actual warlike conditions, fuck that, actual WAR has been ongoing since the troops I've seen come in). I've seen plenty of soldier in training who are merely looking at the military as a way of getting ahead after they leave service. I WISH they were all patriotic/altruistic.

More on this later, perhaps. I still have about 5 hours to go before I'm home tonight.
on Jan 25, 2007
No problem SC, I was in the Army as a Korean linguist from 1992 until Oct 2005. I too went to Iraq for a bit (and enjoyed the hell out of it) and made a boatload of cash while there due to combat pays and tax-free status.

well then, there is a difference between these blackwater folk and you. it seems to me that one side wants to genericize all contractors as "mercenaries." the other side wants to put mercenaries in the general lump with the other contractors, such as you. neither is proper. some of them are mercenaries. some of them, like yourself, were not.

for the record, i don't agree with any of the comments made by the huffington readers. but i don't want to see the debate skewed too far the other way. some of us can make the distinctions between different types of "contractors" being used in Iraq. they obviously can't and would probably label anyone identified as a contractor as a "mercenary." that's not right. nor is celebrating any american's death in this war.

but that shouldn't conversely allow you to justly lump yourself in with the contractors, such as these ones, and take personal offense (as "bretheren" to them)unless you are just looking for a fight. and anyone knows that if you go out looking for a fight, you will always find one.

on another level, do you think it's right that the government will exclude these deaths from the official numbers since they weren't official "us military?" they were soldiers (in this case) in effect and are only excluded because of their "contractor" status.
on Jan 25, 2007
Since most of these contractors are either retired or former US Military performing executive security and training missions that the Army and Marine Corps are too stretched to do properly, They are more like active military then any of the trolls that hang out on Huffy's toast.

I have had a number of Soldiers who actually joined for the express purpose of serving their Country during time of war. Since they already had advanced degrees, I don't think it was for the college money. No matter what their underlying reasons, these young people deserve respect for having the guts to do what the majority of citizens won't. (Just for the idiots to be able to run their mouths.)
Perhaps the loudmouths should remember that it is the revolutionaries who end up dead or in the camps Post-Revolution.
on Jan 25, 2007
Time out bug.