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August 18, 2008 by greywar
     The Bible has some wonderful stuff in it but if you are looking for moral or ethical help I would suggest avoiding Genesis like the plague.       The first recorded instance of setting someone up for ethical failure:  15 The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. 16 And the LORD God commanded the man, "You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; 17 but you must not eat from the ...
July 31, 2008 by greywar
     I am not a Combat Veteran or at least I don't consider myself to be. This might come as a suprise to some of you who know I went to Iraq (heck I even blogged about right here at JU) but I assure you that I am not a Combat Vet in any way. I also don't refer to soldiers who experiences in Iraq paralell mine Combat Vets either. I save it for the deserving. Let me explain:


    I spent 6 measly (and boring) months on a large sprawling...
July 29, 2008 by greywar
    I am not bitching about the free ice cream here but...

      Folks I have to ask : Is JU dying the death of a thousand cuts? Or the death of 12 blog posts a day perhaps?

      I posted this yesterday morning (AZ time) and 24 hours later there have only been 12 blog posts made in all of JU? I rmemebr when Gideon was posting that many per day by himself! (I am not bitching about the lack of commentary in my articles......
July 23, 2008 by greywar
     The core mission of any Army is to have it's soldiers kill people and break things. That is what Armies do best. the farther you stray from those core competencies the worse off the fighting force becomes. I have posted about this many times before but here is the most recent idiocy:


"Army civilians will become multi-skilled civilian leaders of the 21st Century who personify the warrior ethos in all aspects, from war-fighting support to statesmanship, to bus...
May 2, 2008 by greywar
      If you are one of the multitude of folks out there who think that somehow you will "get Mr. Exxon" with a magical tax on oil profits let me disabuse you of the notion. Such a tax would only hurt you the consumer and the economy at large.

     Firstly, costs are fungible. Whether these costs are material inputs, labor, or taxes makes no difference as all are equally redistributed not to the business itself but rather to the consumers who bu...
November 27, 2007 by greywar

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF):

• FOX and the Washington Times reported that there was a possible terror threat against Ft.Huachuca
• These claims are bunk because if there had been a threat it would have succeeded (details below)
FOX news echoed a rather dated report from the Washington Times which claimed that Ft. Huachuca, AZ (where I am at and was at the time):

“changed security measures in May after being warned that Islamist terrorists, with the aid of Mexican drug cartels...
November 26, 2007 by greywar
Should an IT guy's hair matter more than his skills?      A while back I was thinking of moving jobs because my current employer had shown no great enthusiasm for raising my pay despite the fact that I had just become worth a great deal more than I had been through the miracle of professional certifications (CCNA, CompTIA + certs, etc…).      A bit of activity produced a satisfying level of activity from all over the country and withi...
November 26, 2007 by greywar
     It is nice to see that simply being a Slashdot nerd doesn't disqualify you from understanding nothing about the rest of the world except for the sure and certain knowledge that whatever "authority figures" say HAS to be completely inverted.

     If "they" say terrorists exist then the world must instead be filled entirely by altruistic pixies who would certianly never wish harm on anyone anywhere. Tales of war are either exaggerated or fabricated ...
November 26, 2007 by greywar
If any JU mods happen to se this and have a moment please consider banning the "owner" of this JU blog.


The author is a simple medical product spammer:

JoeUser ID:2595258User Access:Citizen(1)Nickname:Citizen senoneCountry:Create Date:9/25/2006 9:28:52 AMLast Logged On:11/26/2007 12:31:51 AM # Articles:42# Article Replies:0User Points:700User Rank:N/A

No replies to any topics, no original material, just crap pharmaceutical spam. They should probab...
November 25, 2007 by greywar
Casual Interest SectionWhere is the line drawn for personal responsibility? What factors free you from it? Age? IQ? Education level? Race? Gender?       While most people will probably agree that a 1 year old with an IQ of 30 and a kindergarten level of education isn't capable of understanding the terms of a home mortgage, the same folks would probably agree that once you are an adult you have to have some responsibility for the things you do. Af...
November 20, 2007 by greywar
Time is Money.This saying is also reversible to:

Money is Time. 

     More properly, money is an abstraction of time used by societal groups to efficiently allocate the time of it's members. Wealth is created by making time available more efficiently to members of the group.


     A simple example of how this evolves in the (fictional yet strangely progressive) Neolithic Uj tribe in the tiny Village of Kcodrats&nb...
November 19, 2007 by greywar
 *For those wondering about my long absence: See the end of the article. -GW

      Expertise in technical and combat fields should be a top priority for any Army. For the U.S. Army it simply isn't. The institution doesn't value it and your security as a citizen is put at risk by this fact.

      This isn't the first time I have seen the following words in print nor was the first time I saw them printed the first time I knew t...
June 29, 2007 by greywar
     Record labels think pirating music is theft.

     Record labels also seem to think that giving away music you made is also theft since they don't get a cut.

     Just look at the latest kerfuffle over Prince allowing a newspaper to give away his new CD:

"The Entertainment Retailers Association said the giveaway "beggars belief". "It would be an insult to all those record stores who have supported Prince throughout his...
June 26, 2007 by greywar
     Anyone know how to start a new blog group? It used to be a feature under "My Account" IIR but it seems to have gone away.



*Edited for a title typo. I have no idea what a "blgo" might be but it isn't what I wanted to ask about.
June 22, 2007 by greywar
     Apparently I am a member of the press. So are most of you reading this according to barack Obama's campaign folks who turned away Jerid of Buckeye State Blog from an event that was "closed to the press". Note that this guy was not turned away because he had a major blog like the Daily Kos or Instapundit but simply because he stated that he had a blog.

    Where is the line drawn then? If you talk to people about your political views offline does that co...