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Published on July 29, 2008 By greywar In Blog Communities

    I am not bitching about the free ice cream here but...

      Folks I have to ask : Is JU dying the death of a thousand cuts? Or the death of 12 blog posts a day perhaps?

      I posted this yesterday morning (AZ time) and 24 hours later there have only been 12 blog posts made in all of JU? I rmemebr when Gideon was posting that many per day by himself! (I am not bitching about the lack of commentary in my articles... maybe if I wasn't so prone to random blog hiatii I would keep a reader base).

     Hell here is Brad's article from way back in February 2004 when JU was just breaking 80 posts a day (we definately went higher than that too).

     Additionally there were only 72 comments total in 24 hours on those 12 posts with more than 85% coming on 2 Window Blinds crossposts. Even "feaured articles" are hardly getting comments or pageviews (nothing even close to a year or two ago).

     Bloggers stop blogging when they stop getting readers/feedback (another Draginol article).

     What happened to tthe community we used to have here? Brad has blogged about the blog community lifecycle (you would not believe how long it took me to dig this up under the new interface) and ostensibly we are in Stage 5 (stabilization) but I don't think that stabilizing at 12 posts on a Monday is a healthy place for JU to stay at.

    IMHO we did Stage 4 (Exodus) a few times with the last and nearly fatal Exodus coming with the JU site interface upgrade. I know for a fact that the new interface feels horrible for me personally and it has interfered with me resuming a regular posting schedule multiple times (I know, I know... just calling for the waaaaahhmbulance).

    I know the Stardock folks have bigger and better irons in the fire other than JU but I have to think Brad would still like this site to suceed right? It just seems like it has started into a death spiral after the user interface upgrade.

    It would be sad if JU dies out just because the interface has gotten clunky, cluttered, and less useable (sorry I just liked the old one a lot more functionally speaking). Maybe just bring back the old clean interface? Stylistically/funtionally speaking I think we have driven off a cliff for JU.


Then again, what do I know... I would rather hear what the folks who still blog here think.

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on Jul 29, 2008

I've got the answer. A free bowl of soup AND a haircut for every new member of our cult... I mean erm, blog.

on Jul 29, 2008

I like this format. 

One thing about the article drop off is that some people were posting a lot of similar articles and I think no one wants to fall in the the same rut.  Maybe?  I think I do that sometimes but my titles are usually quite different.  Maybe.

Personally, I am finding the weather a bit hot to think.  I also feel in a bit of a rut so I don't have a lot to blog about.  I'm trying not to do rants because it puts me in a negative space.


I'm doing a lot of photo editing on my computer now, and I've been checking out JU a lot to take a mental break.  I'm good to comment, but don't want to do a lot of thinking of my own articles when doing that kind of work. 

I also noticed a relative dearth of articles.  I like to think of it as people out and about gathering experiences to feed their blog.


on Jul 29, 2008
The new format is daunting, especially if you are not after the tech or game stuff. Maybe it is the heat??
on Jul 29, 2008

I know some folks liek the new format... I personally like some of the looks, but the functions are quite obfucated comapred to the old format and massive chunks of screen real estate are either filled with nothing at all or widgets that aren't very useful. Just my opinion though.


I'm doing a lot of photo editing on my computer now

That is a good example of the new format problem namely : the fold.


Lets say you had a sweet new picture you wanted to use in an article or a graph or whatever.. it is virtually guranteed to be hidden down below the "Read more..." fold even on featured articles.

This is a problem because it results in moat of the articles looking bland and identical as in a few lines of text before the "read more..." fold. It wasn't like that before and it made a major difference in page views and comments.


When an article gets Featured it should be run full length or at the very least have a longer portion above the fold.


on Jul 29, 2008
The new format is daunting

It simply is too cluttered. This isn't supposed to be Myspace.

Maybe it is the heat??

It is also the lack of text. I love avatar pictures as much as the next guy (although these are way too tiny) but there should be a text subtitle with the person's handle listed (or at least mousover text). What happens when people change their avatar pics? Now you just have no idea who the pic refers to anymore.

And looking down to the url listing in the bottom of the browser to get the handle info sorts of defeats the whole point no?
on Jul 29, 2008
Apparently there is also something hinky going on with the site code right now because clicking these icons on the front page:

Gets you malformed URL's liek these:

on Jul 29, 2008
I've got the answer. A free bowl of soup AND a haircut for every new member of our cult... I mean erm, blog.

I'll skip the haricut and go for a beard trim.

As for the front page, I think they are still working some bugs out. But good to note them. It allows Zoomba to focus in on the problems.
on Jul 29, 2008

did I miss the free ice cream? 

it's summertime and I'm sure people are just enjoying the nice weather and things will be back to normal when the nice weather disappears. 

now, where do I get the ice cream?  


on Jul 29, 2008

With one notable exception, my (pretty much) daily blogs don't draw many customers.  Maybe I'm boring?  Perhaps I am not talking about things people are interested in? The new format bothers me a bit, as well. And I don't know where the "religion" category disappeared to off the forums page.  I've asked several times and get no reply. On the other hand, I do enjoy the comments I do get and I try to comment on other's pages as I can. Things will likely pick up in the fall.

Anyway, thanks for this article and the opportunity to think about ice cream...one of my true no no foods.

See ya.


on Jul 29, 2008
I'm just in this rut where I have nothing to talk about because nothing is going on, and all the people I use to debate with have left for the summer or because they're deployed or some other reason. I hope it picks up in the fall, but the only way it will is if we write the blogs.
on Jul 29, 2008

Summer is always the slow time, I think. The new format has taken it's toll on some folks that's for sure.

Sodaiho, I read you every morning. I'm sorry I don't comment, but you are like my morning coffee. Don't stop.

I guess we all need to write some more.

on Jul 29, 2008

Summer, summer, summer.

It's hard to sit down when the weather is so nice.

I have no doubt JU will be up and kicking again this fall. 

on Jul 29, 2008

No time.  No topics of interest.  Too many other things going on.

Take your pick from that list.

If I had a little more time, or some more inspiration in the form of stupidity in the news or current events type stuff, or worthy items of note going on in my own personal life, there'd perhaps be more output. For now, just too little time and not enough inspiration.

on Jul 29, 2008

Things are a little quiet around here, eh?  Well, careful what you ask for

Has it really been 5, 6 years?  Wowsers, we old folk.  Hope you've been keeping well, old chap.

on Jul 29, 2008

Someone needs to write on article on how the homosexual and Darwinist agenda, combined with sharply declining religious morals is impacting abortion rights.

That ought’ to bring’ em back.

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