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Published on July 29, 2008 By greywar In Blog Communities

    I am not bitching about the free ice cream here but...

      Folks I have to ask : Is JU dying the death of a thousand cuts? Or the death of 12 blog posts a day perhaps?

      I posted this yesterday morning (AZ time) and 24 hours later there have only been 12 blog posts made in all of JU? I rmemebr when Gideon was posting that many per day by himself! (I am not bitching about the lack of commentary in my articles... maybe if I wasn't so prone to random blog hiatii I would keep a reader base).

     Hell here is Brad's article from way back in February 2004 when JU was just breaking 80 posts a day (we definately went higher than that too).

     Additionally there were only 72 comments total in 24 hours on those 12 posts with more than 85% coming on 2 Window Blinds crossposts. Even "feaured articles" are hardly getting comments or pageviews (nothing even close to a year or two ago).

     Bloggers stop blogging when they stop getting readers/feedback (another Draginol article).

     What happened to tthe community we used to have here? Brad has blogged about the blog community lifecycle (you would not believe how long it took me to dig this up under the new interface) and ostensibly we are in Stage 5 (stabilization) but I don't think that stabilizing at 12 posts on a Monday is a healthy place for JU to stay at.

    IMHO we did Stage 4 (Exodus) a few times with the last and nearly fatal Exodus coming with the JU site interface upgrade. I know for a fact that the new interface feels horrible for me personally and it has interfered with me resuming a regular posting schedule multiple times (I know, I know... just calling for the waaaaahhmbulance).

    I know the Stardock folks have bigger and better irons in the fire other than JU but I have to think Brad would still like this site to suceed right? It just seems like it has started into a death spiral after the user interface upgrade.

    It would be sad if JU dies out just because the interface has gotten clunky, cluttered, and less useable (sorry I just liked the old one a lot more functionally speaking). Maybe just bring back the old clean interface? Stylistically/funtionally speaking I think we have driven off a cliff for JU.


Then again, what do I know... I would rather hear what the folks who still blog here think.

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on Jul 29, 2008

Someone needs to write on article on how the homosexual and Darwinist agenda, combined with sharply declining religious morals is impacting abortion rights.That ought’ to bring’ em back.

I guess, but I hate those articles and I never partipate on them.  What's the point?  No one will convince someone of the wrongness of their thinking. 


on Jul 29, 2008

What happened to tthe community we used to have here?

It just seems like it has started into a death spiral after the user interface upgrade.

I dont think the upgrade is the reason .....

It is more serious than that .... it is the content ...

Nothing can survive arrogance combined with a tunnel-vision-mentality policy.

on Jul 30, 2008

Someone needs to write on article on how the homosexual and Darwinist agenda, combined with sharply declining religious morals is impacting abortion rights.



I know that this is actually the polar opposite of his politics but is COL Gene still blogging? That somehow reminded me of his posts.


In any case it is nice to see the unfamiliar names here (and the old familiar ones too).

on Jul 30, 2008

I must admit that wading through scads of WC forum posts in our article lists (something Brad promised to fix...


Sometimes that can be a bit annoying but in large part it is the cross-posting that makes JU different from many blog sites. The sydication is what brings in readers. JU never could have taken off the way it did a couple years ago without those crossover browsers.


Ok, I will put away my Stardock fanboy costume again.



on Jul 30, 2008

I think that there were some homosexuals who were teetering on leaving. The interface Darwinism,  combined with the declining religious writing of those of us who found ourselves with other priorities caused us to abort our prolife-ic habits of the past.  (Did I miss anything?) :~D


I also think that for most of us JU was a community and all the other forum categories made up other communities.  When the new format was introduced, all the "communities" were thrown together.. which kind of messed up the community spirit in all of them (or maybe just JU).  It's kind of like Brad threw a party, inviting all his circles of friends.  Have you ever been to a party with people from two different parts of your world?  They almost always begin with the "sitting around looking at each other" phase.  The good ones end with new friendships and discoveries of new kinds of fun, but often end as uncomfortable as they began.


on Jul 30, 2008
I must admit that wading through scads of WC forum posts in our article lists (something Brad promised to fix...a long time ago) is a bit of a cunt.


Also, it seemed that the cross posting was something he WANTED to happen, but he also claimed that NOTHING HAD CHANGED. Something changed when we switched, and now there's a whole bunch of stuff on the forums that didn't use to be there. It really clutters up what used to be a JU forum with light sprinklings of WC or GC or whatever else is going on.
on Jul 31, 2008



Please for the love of god. Never use this on any article again. At least not on my blog. I got quite enough of this particular net-ism trolling the Ron Paul forums and it induces something of a Pavlovian reaction in me now.



Again I will point out that it is the cross-posting and autosyndication which brought us all readers in the first place. Just try a place like LiveJournal or WordPress sometime and see the difference.


First time posters here get comments on their intro articles from folks they never met. That just doesn't happen with other blog sites.



on Jul 31, 2008

I stopped because DA and the units were fucking hard with the soldiers that were blogging when I went over. So I saved it 'til I got back, only now I'm out of the habit, and most of the people I'm used to are gone gone gone.