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November 26, 2007 by greywar
If any JU mods happen to se this and have a moment please consider banning the "owner" of this JU blog.   The author is a simple medical product spammer: JoeUser ID:2595258User Access:Citizen(1)Nickname:Citizen senoneCountry:Create Date:9/25/2006 9:28:52 AMLast Logged On:11/26/2007 12:31:51 AM # Articles:42# Article Replies:0User Points:700User Rank:N/A No replies to any topics, no original material, just crap pharmaceutical spam. They should probab...
June 26, 2007 by greywar
     Anyone know how to start a new blog group? It used to be a feature under "My Account" IIR but it seems to have gone away.     *Edited for a title typo. I have no idea what a "blgo" might be but it isn't what I wanted to ask about.
January 19, 2007 by greywar
     60% of Americans say ham is evil! So why does this administration continue to support the use of ham in schools!      Sound outrageous? Of course it does. It is an outrageous claim. If I actually expected you to believe this it would be reasonable to ask me for a link to the source of my claim. If you asked for proof of it and I couldn't provide it you would be justified in assuming that I was full of shit.      This sam...
September 6, 2006 by greywar
Posting this article seems to have broken the JU Blog portion of my blog. The article is fine if you view it through the forums but this is what it looks like from the JU blog side of the house (on my computer at least) :     I can't edit it or even delete it. Pretty sure this is a bit of a Javascript thing (sitemeter's JScript counter most likely) but I can't seem to fix it from here. Sorry.  
May 7, 2006 by greywar
     Sorry for the long hiatus folks... I simply have not had the time or (more importantly) the inclination to blog for quite a bit. Fact of the matter was that with my life in flux (post ETS) I just didn't want to spend time on blogging in the manner I had become accumstomed to.      In Iraq and in Texas as well I had a lot of time to kill and JU provided a great way to kill it. Nowadays I simply don't seem to have as many hours available for the res...
November 26, 2005 by greywar
I hate to distract from my own articles by posting over them but I have to know... why was Blackistan exiled? Anyone? I am not disputing the validity of the ban but rather I wonder what the fuck I missed? As far as I have ever seen all they have done is post wierd erotic poetry...? Fill me in JU....
October 20, 2005 by greywar
A. It's not cool right after you have been punished. (Hey there was a *reason* you lost a ton of points) B. RTFM so that you know how retarded you look when you post an article begging for points and then disable commentary. C. How's about earning 'em?
August 25, 2005 by greywar
just found this to be noteworthy... Google runs "intelligent" ads that highlight what you might be interested in from the contents of the page you are viewing...  
May 9, 2005 by greywar
     Just a quick update... My next article will likely deal with they way the end of my Army career is being handled. I haven't been able to write about it much yet as the situation has been too confusing and emotionally charged to burden my wife, close friends, and relatives who read this blog but I promise I will have it all down in writing soon. No guarantees as to it's quality though
May 7, 2005 by greywar
Just a quick note : Talisein is here for a visit today. He is the same as always I am sure the DFAC will not live up to his high standards... This will likely constitute more of an update to his blog than you will get out of him.
May 3, 2005 by greywar
     Since I am not actively writing at the moment I decided to look through some of my older stuff for inspiration and amusment. I will be posting links to a few of the articles I liked most (even if you guys hated some few of them (similar to the Best of other folks posts I have done)) while I am mirroring this same content over here. Really just blog shufling but it seems to be helping me slightly and who knows? You might even enjoy re-reading some of my old tripe. ...
April 26, 2005 by greywar
      I am taking an indefinate hiatus from the blog. Not calling it quits for good but I won't post anything again until I have written something that doesn't suck. Could be tomorrow for all I know.
April 24, 2005 by greywar
A quote from this new author's article: And with the tension built among the Mongoloid races, the world has never looked so ready for a World War, even if it is an underground one. A pacifist and racist who despises both the President and the Pope. What a lovley new writer! Be sure to welcome them to JU won't you?    
April 23, 2005 by greywar
     The commentary on a recent article regarding mIRC made me keep that article private until such time as the author of mIRC has had sufficient time to respond to an emailed question. I really didn't give him as much time as I should considering his schedule and the sheer volume of email he receives per week. If he responds I will re-post the article with comments left intact but until then it will remain visible only to me.      Sure, the lure ...
April 3, 2005 by greywar
     Sweet Jesus this has got to be the lamest shit I have ever seen on JU. From this pointless crap (hey just post your reply here as an article and then link the original), to the long, unindented, run-on paragraphs here... Do you want people to actually read what you write or are you just testing the byte density limit of the universe? Why post dreck like this and then turn off commentary? Aaargh!