Take an unannounced vacation to irritate your friends and family!!!!
Published on May 7, 2006 By greywar In Blogging

     Sorry for the long hiatus folks... I simply have not had the time or (more importantly) the inclination to blog for quite a bit. Fact of the matter was that with my life in flux (post ETS) I just didn't want to spend time on blogging in the manner I had become accumstomed to.

     In Iraq and in Texas as well I had a lot of time to kill and JU provided a great way to kill it. Nowadays I simply don't seem to have as many hours available for the research I used to put into political and even gaming articles. I suppose I could have posted more personal articles and suchlike but well that was never my style really. I like to have something to say rather than simply posting to post (this article being an exception).

     I have a Morrowind review mostly completed and waiting for the right moment to post but I will wait on that for a bit longer I think...


Personal News: I am up for a job on post to teach officers how to run a TOC (Tactical Operations Center) which I should get if the government ever funds the position anyways. I will let you know if I get it.... EL is recovering nicely from her surgery, (she also got picked up for SFC)... We are contemplating adopting a mutt and K may come down for a summer visit!


Arquonzo : Ran into CPT Gav yesterday and apparently Q is here as well.. now if you can get down here for a "TDY" we have the makings of a party....


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on May 07, 2006

Hey bro, hope all goes well with the job. My organization is still trying to get a presence established down there. If that ever happens, I'll keep trying to find something for you with us.

Congrats to EL on the promotion.

Shout at you later amigo!
on May 07, 2006
nice to se yer name in print again, congrats on all the good stuff happening.

on May 07, 2006
Personal News: I am up for a job on post to teach officers how to run a TOC

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! I can help with the funding.........I'd pay twenty bucks to see that. Good to hear from you.
on May 07, 2006
Glad to see you post. Good luck.
on May 07, 2006
What good news! K will be delighted to have a pup to keep her company. She might prefer a cat. Hope you will be happy with new job when you land it.
on May 07, 2006
How exciting for both of you. Congrats and good luck to EL on her promotion... just think, joining the ranks of the "senior enlisted". Whodathunkit?

I am dreadfully busy with school and work and husbanding too, so right there with ya. Good luck on your TOC job. Maybe you can put the fear of God (or GUS) into future generations. Let me know if you or the Mrs. get sent out to Maryland... we'll take you guys out to dinner.
on May 24, 2006
(she also got picked up for SFC).

I knew it would happen. She'll end up being my 1SG someday. Give her a big congratulatory hug for me.