Published on November 2, 2006 By greywar In Blogging

     Sorry it took me so long to even get around to this folks, but Oleteach suggested to me that I not leave you all hanging (if any of you even read this anymore). Fact it I simply don't have time to blog. When I first started blogging I had huge quantities of time (even at work) and I used them to wrtie. Now I still have some time for non-work/schoola ctivity but blogging just doesn't make the cut priority-wise.

     I don't feel it is fair of me to expect people to read my stuff when I don't have the time to make it through my blogroll even once a month. Blogging should be a synergistic affair and right now I simply have nothing to contribute to the collective JU synergy. Thanks for reading all of my rambling crap and I may well start posting again in the future (or not). This is not an article intended to generate "hey don't leave!" comments so it will be closed to commentary.


Laborare est Orare (thanks Vince)


Greywar out.

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