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May 9, 2005 by greywar
     Just a quick update... My next article will likely deal with they way the end of my Army career is being handled. I haven't been able to write about it much yet as the situation has been too confusing and emotionally charged to burden my wife, close friends, and relatives who read this blog but I promise I will have it all down in writing soon. No guarantees as to it's quality though
May 7, 2005 by greywar
Just a quick note : Talisein is here for a visit today. He is the same as always I am sure the DFAC will not live up to his high standards... This will likely constitute more of an update to his blog than you will get out of him.
May 3, 2005 by greywar
     Since I am not actively writing at the moment I decided to look through some of my older stuff for inspiration and amusment. I will be posting links to a few of the articles I liked most (even if you guys hated some few of them (similar to the Best of other folks posts I have done)) while I am mirroring this same content over here. Really just blog shufling but it seems to be helping me slightly and who knows? You might even enjoy re-reading some of my old tripe.
April 26, 2005 by greywar
      I am taking an indefinate hiatus from the blog. Not calling it quits for good but I won't post anything again until I have written something that doesn't suck. Could be tomorrow for all I know.
April 24, 2005 by greywar
A quote from this new author's article:

And with the tension built among the Mongoloid races, the world has never looked so ready for a World War, even if it is an underground one.

A pacifist and racist who despises both the President and the Pope. What a lovley new writer! Be sure to welcome them to JU won't you?


April 23, 2005 by greywar
     The commentary on a recent article regarding mIRC made me keep that article private until such time as the author of mIRC has had sufficient time to respond to an emailed question. I really didn't give him as much time as I should considering his schedule and the sheer volume of email he receives per week. If he responds I will re-post the article with comments left intact but until then it will remain visible only to me.

     Sure, the lure ...
April 3, 2005 by greywar
     Sweet Jesus this has got to be the lamest shit I have ever seen on JU. From this pointless crap (hey just post your reply here as an article and then link the original), to the long, unindented, run-on paragraphs here... Do you want people to actually read what you write or are you just testing the byte density limit of the universe? Why post dreck like this and then turn off commentary? Aaargh!
March 9, 2005 by greywar
     Ok so even though I was quite proud to have climbed the top blog list this last month I have to point out that the darn thing is totally broken. I noticed one blog which I had never read climbing the ranks until it reached number one tonight. Clicking on it I discover it has exactly one article and zero referrals. Some screen shots :


Note that this is in no way the fault of the blogger shown here just posting this as a sort of bug report.

March 8, 2005 by greywar
Some sentiments from a peaceful and tolerant blogger in response to this post. I won’t put their handle in this blog (although you can of course find it on the original thread). pretty sad commentary on this individual who uses one of the better anecdotes as a mockery. And sadder is how this person had a response of "wow man that was great ha ha ha". Sickening. Tolerance would be a good thing in these turbulent times. And it's unfortunate because attitides like that makes no one give a crap...
February 21, 2005 by greywar
     I didn't notice it until Estrogen Lass pointed it out in an email (honest) but somehow you guys have read this thing enough to make my blog number one for a day (even topping Brad's own (EL insists I am *ahem* "servicing him" (I'm not))). Because it is unlikely to ever happen again (and I am certainly around a million hits/day from threatening guys with real talent) I took a screen shot of it (for posterity mind you!).

     Thanks for reading ...
February 16, 2005 by greywar
     It's not like Lileks needs a bump from me but I eally am enjoying his Joe Ohio fiction series. The groundrules are simple: One matchbook drawn at random fom his collection follwed by whatever plotline he can extrapolate in 30 minutes flat.

     The result is somewhat dark and depressing but extrememly engaging nonethless. Check it out. Certainly worth more of your time than those online horoscope places.

     While you are th...
January 3, 2005 by greywar
     Well maybe it is the paranoid in me but I can only hope that Little Whip keeps her exit real for a bit and doesn't pull a Mick Foley on me. Her goodbye article and the thread that preceeded it (no link since you can't read the commentary)  were factory model specs for both flame-bait and the right way to say good bye. I for one will miss your input intot he discussion and I think JU is poorer without you.
December 22, 2004 by greywar
     Hey I support your right to use JU in any way you see fit. Let me say though that when you disable commentary you tremendously diminish my desire to read anything you write... master or not... This is a community of commenters in general so your toughts will reach more people when you allow comments... Just a thought.
December 21, 2004 by greywar
     The Truth Laid Bear has a fairly unique system of ranking blogs against other blogs in their Ecosystem. I have been a member for some time now (with a current ranking of  “Slithering Reptile”) and I find it to be an instructive way to compare how many blogs do traffic and other wise.

     Now to be fair they are just using the same stats from (they provide that little number at the bottom of my articles) but they are compari...
December 21, 2004 by greywar
     Went over to the Central Issue Facility (CIF) today and got me a large bag of new Desert Combat Uniforms (DCU's), various hot/cold weather items, 2 new pairs of Desert boots (thank you GEN Schwartzkopf!), and a spanking new set of revamped body armor complete with ballistic plates of the type described by Wanderer here.

     Now in the past I have had bad experiences with CIF due to high demand, but now since most of Ft. Hood is already in Ir...