Do Nothing!!!!! You might make them angry!
Published on January 19, 2007 By greywar In Politics

     I don't understand why the U.S. even bothers with the U.N. and it's toothless appeasement branches like the IAEA anymore. (from Yahoo News)

El Baradei (Head Eunuch of the IAEA) -

"I don't think sanctions will resolve the issue. I think sanctions, in my view, could lead to escalation on both sides,"

      Needless to say he also opposes military action of any kind. In fact it really seems that El Baradei thinks the only solution for the Iranian nuclear problem is to let Iran have nukes. When you oppose all other action in favor of "just talking" in the hopes that Iran will somehow just give up for no reason what else should I believe?


"We need somebody to reach out and be able to find a solution."

     It certainly won't be you or the U.N.


Here is the rub :

"Six of the world's top powers -- the United States, Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany -- have told Iran they are prepared to discuss exchanging a package of incentives for curbs to its enrichment program, if it suspends enrichment first."

     Why do they have to stop first? Because we have had a long history of these sorts of carrots being accepted by rogue regimes who take the goodies and then just keep on doing what they were supposed to stop. For them it is a "win-win". Of course El Baradei and his ilk would like world powers to just start handing out freeebies to Iran without requiring any verifiable action from Iran's side.

     I can't imagine why the U.N. is such a joke. Must be the fault of the Bush administration somehow right? The U.N. should just adopt: "Do nothing, take bribes, and rape kids." as their official motto.



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on Jan 19, 2007
I see the democrats are trying to prevent Bush from any kind of attack on Iran. Democrats think global warming is more of a danger than Iran.
on Jan 19, 2007

Democrats think global warming is more of a danger than Iran.

Maybe they are hoping that Iran will send us into a nuclear winter.

on Jan 19, 2007

Democrats think global warming is more of a danger than Iran.

Al "Oscar me" Gore certainly thinks so.

on Jan 21, 2007
The UN is an impotent organisation that has yet to take its responsibilities seriously. On the other hand it may be that they do not receive enough "push" from the US. The disappointing decisions on Darfur lead me to believe that the UN cannot kick ass without a big brother! How can this organisation be given more clout? With support from the US.