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March 20, 2007 by greywar
       This is nothing but a listing of my intelligence related articles. Keeps them handy for reference and will likely grow into a Table of Contents sometime in the future of the blog.

Mostly from newest to oldest:

 Lost in translation *intentionally* 

Military Standards: IQ vs. Work Ethic / Altruism 

US Intelligence Collection Flaws and Fixes 

How I Became an Intelligence Analayst (Pt. 1) 

How I Became an Intel Analyst (...
February 13, 2007 by greywar
     I really want to write something. Really, I'm serious. Maybe a screedy political rant thoroughly laced with unusual combinations of profanity, perhaps an article delineating the things I adore about a game no one but me and Pseudosoldier have ever played, or perhaps a long winded diatribe regarding the continuing decline of Army culture (you know, the ones that draw less commentary than the ADOM articles) but I just can't.

     The non-stop, wall-...
January 30, 2007 by greywar
     Anyone know what happened to Parated2k? His blog site just has one article from last year on it.
January 26, 2007 by greywar
Just wondering if there is something going on down in the DB trenches? JU seems to be acting up, tripple posts, recent article bar updating once every hour or so, load errors... Not griping, just curious.
November 2, 2006 by greywar
     Sorry it took me so long to even get around to this folks, but Oleteach suggested to me that I not leave you all hanging (if any of you even read this anymore). Fact it I simply don't have time to blog. When I first started blogging I had huge quantities of time (even at work) and I used them to wrtie. Now I still have some time for non-work/schoola ctivity but blogging just doesn't make the cut priority-wise.

     I don't feel it is fair of me to...
November 4, 2005 by greywar
Do any of you actually think that this sort of shit does anything but lose your side supporters? If you do then you are obviously one of the drooling retards from the DU.

Welcome to JU you spamming fucktard.


October 12, 2005 by greywar
      Look sheeple, just because someone sent you the latest Snope's-bait email delineating the dangers of Dihydrogen Monoxide (it can corrode metal and even erode the surface of our beloved Gaia!) and you are frightened that excessive consumption of Dihydrogen Monoxide could lead to frequent urination, sweating, and even death in the case of submersion doesn't mean you have to pass it on with the breathless excitement of a 12 year old girl on AOL with her firs...
July 24, 2005 by greywar
     Not only have I been negelecting to blog for the weeks since returningto the states but I was also negelcting to even keep up with all the Blogs on my blogroll. That sorry state of affairs has now been corrected thankfully.

     Some were easy like Talisein who simply can't be bothered to update now that he is a high and mighty civilian. (ah sanctimony is even better when seasoned liberally with essence of hypocrisy)

July 24, 2005 by greywar
     Hello all, Sorry to be away for so long but it has been odd being back and i never seemed to have much luck actually loading JU over the course of the last couple of weeks.

     I promise a real update later today but for right now I will simply highlight this article on the recent shocking nudity in video games...


Until then just remember : Happiness is a dead and mangled terrorist



May 9, 2005 by greywar
     Just a quick update... My next article will likely deal with they way the end of my Army career is being handled. I haven't been able to write about it much yet as the situation has been too confusing and emotionally charged to burden my wife, close friends, and relatives who read this blog but I promise I will have it all down in writing soon. No guarantees as to it's quality though
May 7, 2005 by greywar
Just a quick note : Talisein is here for a visit today. He is the same as always I am sure the DFAC will not live up to his high standards... This will likely constitute more of an update to his blog than you will get out of him.
May 3, 2005 by greywar
     Since I am not actively writing at the moment I decided to look through some of my older stuff for inspiration and amusment. I will be posting links to a few of the articles I liked most (even if you guys hated some few of them (similar to the Best of other folks posts I have done)) while I am mirroring this same content over here. Really just blog shufling but it seems to be helping me slightly and who knows? You might even enjoy re-reading some of my old tripe.
April 26, 2005 by greywar
      I am taking an indefinate hiatus from the blog. Not calling it quits for good but I won't post anything again until I have written something that doesn't suck. Could be tomorrow for all I know.
April 24, 2005 by greywar
A quote from this new author's article:

And with the tension built among the Mongoloid races, the world has never looked so ready for a World War, even if it is an underground one.

A pacifist and racist who despises both the President and the Pope. What a lovley new writer! Be sure to welcome them to JU won't you?


April 23, 2005 by greywar
     The commentary on a recent article regarding mIRC made me keep that article private until such time as the author of mIRC has had sufficient time to respond to an emailed question. I really didn't give him as much time as I should considering his schedule and the sheer volume of email he receives per week. If he responds I will re-post the article with comments left intact but until then it will remain visible only to me.

     Sure, the lure ...