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Published on May 3, 2005 By greywar In Blogging

     Since I am not actively writing at the moment I decided to look through some of my older stuff for inspiration and amusment. I will be posting links to a few of the articles I liked most (even if you guys hated some few of them (similar to the Best of other folks posts I have done)) while I am mirroring this same content over here. Really just blog shufling but it seems to be helping me slightly and who knows? You might even enjoy re-reading some of my old tripe.

Todays offerings :

1. Marital Communications 

(in which I discuss my inadequate phone skills)

2. Sergeants as Loco Parentis 

(This is even more pertinent now then it was when I wrote it. The Army is in desperate straits because of the lack of leaders like SSG Stoneroad)


Oh yes, I am correcting some of the more egregious typos and suchlike while I am at it (indulging my inner OCD). I know this is cop-out compared to writing new material but I think it is a step on the road to recovering the semi-literate, neurotic, and foul mouthed Muse who used o force me to write articles like this at gun-point.



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on May 03, 2005
Your no longer at gunpoint? And this is bad? Silly greywar
on May 03, 2005
I still remember being in a Class A inspection when SSG Stoneroad was our Squad Leader. He was being pretty critical, but fair. He got in front of PFC Shaggy, and just stopped. Apparently, PFC Shaggy had gotten help the night before putting all of his eye candy on his uniform (what we had of it at that point), with the help of PFC Rich-Jewish-Kid-Who-Was-Still-Cool-As-Hell. Unfortunately, PFC Shaggy apparently thought the proper place to store a Class A uniform was under his desk, so it was wrinkled as HELL! SSG Stoneroad stood in front of PFC Shaggy, and engaged him in this conversation:

SSG S: PFC Shaggy, did you prepare this uniform all by yourself?

PFC Shaggy: No Sergeant! PFC R-J-K-W-W-S-C-A-H helped me out with it!

SSG S: That's what I thought!

PFC Shaggy: Sergeant?

SSG S: It takes more than one private to FUCK UP A UNIFORM THAT BADLY!!

I swear to G*D I almost pissed myself trying to hold back the laughter while in formation....
on May 03, 2005
What you should do is continue with your "Deadly Charisma" series. Just my two pennies for what its worth.