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January 23, 2007 by greywar
     Here is the indirect reason for this entry. Via Espn of all things.

"At a marina near Russell Springs, workers spent Monday moving million-dollar houseboats to moorings where they can stay afloat after the water recedes.

"We're kind of at a loss," said Estelee Slusser, who operates the Alligator Dock No. 1 marina. "It has just happened so quickly. We really don't know what to do."

The Army Corps notified local officials and business owners before making the plan...
January 22, 2007 by greywar
     *Disclaimer : I do not support any candidates as of yet nor does Barack Obama's politics come anywhere near my own.

/rant on

     So Barack Obama apparently attended a Madrassa in Indonesia for a few years as a young child. I could give a damn. Here is why:


- The guy verifiably went back to live with his maternal grandparents in Hawaii by age 10.

- Religious programming of any ilk works poorly without constant re-enforcement.
December 21, 2006 by greywar
     Some commentors have taken me to task over two of my recent articles highlighting the possibility that the UK and Europe are slowly drowning under a slow but rising tide of Politically Correct Dhimmitude. Some of them seem almost desperate to believe that I and others are exaggerating, even to the point of mounting a "defense" that goes something like this (paraphrased):

"It isn't bad that Christmas references are off limits in many cities in the UK because ...
December 19, 2006 by greywar
      I have a very geeky intelligence article for later but for now I want to update the article I wrote about the creeping effects of Islamism across Europe and Britain. Many commentors to the original article simply couldn't beleive the the problem is as serious or as pervasive as the linked content would seem to have suggested. For those folks I give you this tidbit from the mornings news perusal.


"Halal meat is being served to pupils in state ...
September 6, 2006 by greywar
Greywar – Agent of the Vast Doughnut Conspiracy*Thanks to chiprj for helping to fix this article!     Note : Sorry for the prolonged absence. My perverse nature actually made it more difficult to start writing again the more people clamored for it. I know, its weird. Nonetheless I am back and with a multi-parter no less! (Settle in folks this is a long one...) - G

     I was a loony left liberal. Thats right folks, I was a dyed-in-the-wool anti-religion...
February 4, 2006 by greywar
There are three in my current office who could serve in an intelligence capacity: Skyler, Kenny, Robert. Each has the aptitude necessary for intelligence work.. should I push them? God, I hate being away from the national need.

December 14, 2005 by greywar
            Folks, this one won’t be for the easily bored or for people who only stop by my blog to see creative use of the F-word. If you don’t care about how intelligence is collected, processed, and disseminated by the U.S. military just stop here. Might I suggest instead?            Ok, now that those guys are gone we can get right to the geeky heart of the matter at hand:&n...
November 21, 2005 by greywar
    It was my first day in Voice Operations Branch (VOB) and I was slowly adjusting to the realization that I would be spending this whole year in the company of drunks, whoremongers, and other assorted losers.

    My first day was spent proving that I could turn this :

into something machine readable like this:

September 29, 2005 by greywar
     Once again I risk the revocation of my membership in the VRWC by not following the subliminal commands sent out by the mothership but I like living dangerously.

     Tom "The Hammer" Delay's current woes are of his own making. Delay is one of those Congressmen who exude the "Old Boy" aroma from every pore and I am happy to see him step down from his leadership position in the House and I would be even happier to see him resign from Congress altoge...
September 25, 2005 by greywar
     A simple yet subtle demonstration of socio-economic forces :

     Let us begin at 0900 Fort Hood time with 4 Army Privates... Worthy, Walker, Fiffie, and Neddo. Split them into two teams of Worthy/Fiffie and Walker/Neddo and give each team the task of mowing 4 acres of grass with one push mower and one weed whacker to each team.

     Our NCOIC's for this detail give each team slightly different sets o...
August 17, 2005 by greywar
Frankly I don't even have anything witty to say about this sort of shit:

Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 August 2005, 07:11 GMT 08:11 UK

Bombs explode across Bangladesh

A series of simultaneous bomb blasts have taken place across Bangladesh,
reports say.

"There are bomb blasts all over the country. We have reports of some
injuries but no fatalities yet," senior police official Abdul Kaiyum
told AFP.

The explosions went off in the capital Dhaka as well as several other
cities, incl...
August 16, 2005 by greywar
The Grey Lady has run exactly one article on AAR recent funding gaffe. One... how does that stack up with it's previous coverage?


Let's go to the headlines....


Politics, Yes, but No Fistfights For Jerry Springer on Radio

TELEVISION/RADIO; And Don't Even Get Her Started on the War
Left Is Gaining In San Diego, A Rightist Bastion

Radio Network Ordered Back On in Chicago
PUBLIC LIVES; A Radio Voice Challenging Right-Wing Talkers

Page Two: March 28-April 3...
August 15, 2005 by greywar
     In a stunningly moronic display of moral equivalency the Democratic Underground Lefties can't even agree that human slavery is worse than eating animals! I wish I was making this up but here is a little quotey quote for you:


Just so, humans who define themselves by religion or culture or nationality or skin color think that their suffering can never be compared, no matter how factually, with any other human or animal's suffering. To do so makes them feel bel...
August 15, 2005 by greywar
There is an ongoing thread over here where I picked up this little gem :


Froyboy - WC suppose to be a FAMILY site. You lied to us. Way back, KarmaGirl said this a family oriented site. Not anymore.  Exiled me if you wish. WC has gone down. No wonder people are leaving. My kids hear me swear all the time. This is a COMMUNITY skin site. Doesn't look like it anymore.


     "Froyboy"  is actually Frogboy the owner of this site and other li...
August 15, 2005 by greywar


Translation : "Even in dreams : Unification"

      Although this article mainly deals with Japanese PM Junichiro Koizumi backpedaling and apologizing for Japan's WWII foibles on the 60th aniversary of it's surrender the part I was most interested in was this bit :

North and South Korea used the anniversary as an opportunity to reconcile political differences that have kept the peninsula divided since the end of World...