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Published on April 25, 2005 By greywar In Religion

           In keeping with the tone set by my earlier article I decided to do some research into Mother Theresa again (I remembered some of this from her canonization proceedings) and was disgusted anew by one of history’s most celebrated hypocrites. These folks give religion a bad name.


“This returns us to the medieval corruption of the church, which sold indulgences to the rich while preaching hellfire and continence to the poor. MT was not a friend of the poor. She was a friend of poverty. She said that suffering was a gift from God. She spent her life opposing the only known cure for poverty, which is the empowerment of women and the emancipation of them from a livestock version of compulsory reproduction. And she was a friend to the worst of the rich, taking misappropriated money from the atrocious Duvalier family in Haiti (whose rule she praised in return) and from Charles Keating of the Lincoln Savings and Loan. Where did that money, and all the other donations, go? The primitive hospice in Calcutta was as run down when she died as it always had been—she preferred California clinics when she got sick herself—and her order always refused to publish any audit. But we have her own claim that she opened 500 convents in more than a hundred countries, all bearing the name of her own order. Excuse me, but this is modesty and humility?”

- Chistopher Hitchens (one of Mother Teresa’s harshest critics in this article)


“Hitchens's account of Mother T's alliance with Charles Keating is particularly illuminating. In the early 1980s Keating ran a bogus thrift institution -- Lincoln Savings and Loan -- and specialized in swindling small investors. During the heyday of that operation, Keating gave more than $1 million to Mother T her and organization, while Mother T, in return, allowed Keating to exploit her fame and prestige in his public-relations maneuvers.

Lincoln Savings and Loan eventually collapsed, and in 1992 Keating was brought to trial in Los Angeles. Mother T then sent to the trial judge a letter in which she sought clemency for Keating and exhorted the judge to "do what Jesus would do." The judge didn't reply, but a deputy district attorney, Paul Turley, did. After Keating was convicted of fraud, Turley wrote to Mother T and pointed out that the money which she had received from Keating was, in fact, money that Keating had stolen. Turley then urged Mother T to ask herself what Jesus would do in such a situation, and he offered to help her return the money to its rightful owners. He never got an answer. “

- From Hitchen’s book on the topic.


Finally (and most damning in my opinion) a former follower of Mother Theresa (a10 year veteran follower at that) gives a look behind the façade :

“Three of Mother Teresa's teachings that are fundamental to her religious congregation are all the more dangerous because they are believed so sincerely by her sisters. Most basic is the belief that as long as a sister obeys she is doing God's will. Another is the belief that the sisters have leverage over God by choosing to suffer. Their suffering makes God very happy. He then dispenses more graces to humanity. The third is the belief that any attachment to human beings, even the poor being served, supposedly interferes with love of God and must be vigilantly avoided or immediately uprooted. The efforts to prevent any attachments cause continual chaos and confusion, movement and change in the congregation. Mother Teresa did not invent these beliefs - they were prevalent in religious congregations before Vatican II - but she did everything in her power (which was great) to enforce them.

Once a sister has accepted these fallacies she will do almost anything. She can allow her health to be destroyed, neglect those she vowed to serve, and switch off her feelings and independent thought. She can turn a blind eye to suffering, inform on her fellow sisters, tell lies with ease, and ignore public laws and regulations. “

“As a Missionary of Charity, I was assigned to record donations and write the thank-you letters. The money arrived at a frantic rate. The mail carrier often delivered the letters in sacks. We wrote receipts for checks of $50,000 and more on a regular basis. Sometimes a donor would call up and ask if we had received his check, expecting us to remember it readily because it was so large. How could we say that we could not recall it because we had received so many that were even larger?

When Mother spoke publicly, she never asked for money, but she did encourage people to make sacrifices for the poor, to "give until it hurts." Many people did - and they gave it to her. We received touching letters from people, sometimes apparently poor themselves, who were making sacrifices to send us a little money for the starving people in Africa, the flood victims in Bangladesh, or the poor children in India. Most of the money sat in our bank accounts.

The flood of donations was considered to be a sign of God's approval of Mother Teresa's congregation. We were told by our superiors that we received more gifts than other religious congregations because God was pleased with Mother, and because the Missionaries of Charity were the sisters who were faithful to the true spirit of religious life.

Most of the sisters had no idea how much money the congregation was amassing. After all, we were taught not to collect anything. One summer the sisters living on the outskirts of Rome were given more crates of tomatoes than they could distribute. None of their neighbors wanted them because the crop had been so prolific that year. The sisters decided to can the tomatoes rather than let them spoil, but when Mother found out what they had done she was very displeased. Storing things showed lack of trust in Divine Providence.”

“Mother was very concerned that we preserve our spirit of poverty. Spending money would destroy that poverty. She seemed obsessed with using only the simplest of means for our work. Was this in the best interests of the people we were trying to help, or were we in fact using them as a tool to advance our own "sanctity?" In Haiti, to keep the spirit of poverty, the sisters reused needles until they became blunt. Seeing the pain caused by the blunt needles, some of the volunteers offered to procure more needles, but the sisters refused.

We begged for food and supplies from local merchants as though we had no resources. On one of the rare occasions when we ran out of donated bread, we went begging at the local store. When our request was turned down, our superior decreed that the soup kitchen could do without bread for the day. “

“Our Constitution forbade us to beg for more than we needed, but, when it came to begging, the millions of dollars accumulating in the bank were treated as if they did not exist.

Read the whole sordid thing.


For the record: I like nuns. My mother was a nun. My sister is a nun. Heck, a significant percentage of my extended family members are in fact clergy! I do however despise hypocrites and those who exploit the true faith of well-intentioned donors. Theresa was no saint and was not even a good person (in my opinion).

(Note that Hitchens is no saint either but his findings are undisputed and publicly sourced and the second contributor was a nun in Theresa's own order)






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on Apr 25, 2005
That link is superb, the homepage is full of enquiries into all sorts of things. I recall an incident where a student was living in her first flat after finishing school. She was a happy believer, with not big issues. Two disciples of Jesus in sackcloth arrived at the door and began to tell her about what it really means to follow Jesus and leave everything, cause that's what he said. After and extended pressure sell, she finally gave in and joined the Motley their retaining urine, eating out of dumpster, for a number of years, eventually when she was rescued for this bizarro cult she was a dried up prune. With love and tender care from family member she eventually emerged I think it was 10 years in the mine of cultism, to looking a shadow of her once radiant self.

It is ironic that no matter how one tries to imagine Mother Theresa cast in this funk, I am struggling, the media did such a good job of making a Saint out of Theresa, that I am struggling to see her as a leader of some fake poverty cult. It is bizarro. I am sure there are two sides to this story, I hope you find it. Otherwise you are going to have so seriously angry devotees of the God Mother's work preparing the olde burning bush and post to burn yet another heretic.

I always thought that George Harrison, Mother Theresa, Bob Dylan, Bob Geldoff and Joan Baez were all saints. As a matter of interest, was there any of this sort of thing recorded with the halloed St. Francis of the Flowers? If so I am not sure I am ready to hear it.

Whoops, look at the time.........the movies started already.......I give you a coffin for excellence, but a few very sharp nails if anyone reads it that loves the Holy Mother.....There are cobwebs so think Greywar that once you begin to look you are going to start trying to find a way to love what has been done within the convents and the catacombs, the abortion knife and the Priests of gloom...I know that a renouned Christian musician, none other than Kieth Green had begun to do a set of very revealing articles called the Catholic Chronicles, but eventually had a severe change of heart, deciding to delete all the work he had done. I still have one set.

Perhaps inside the realities of Pope's, Priest's and Nun's is that the balancing scale is not ours to hold. I am happy for your words, and hope that they will not be misunderstood as tearing down the ministry of Mother Theresa for the sinful things she did.

Your last words, do not leave much comfort for the devotees and sisterhood of the Saint who might in your eyes have not been.

'Theresa was no saint and was not even a good person (in my opinion).' - your quote.

Perhaps this is why Jesus continually discourages us from 'judging' and his apostle Paul, as well. No matter the fact that we are told by Jesus - 'not to judge by appearance, but to judge righteous judgment.'

I feel like I am that Priest in Scary Movie 2, the Exhorcist Scene, where his groaning and moaning on the bog as he expels the foulest of demons. When the great television evangelist took his fall, and oh how the mighty are fallen....I guess everyone is in their rights to jump up and scream HYPOCRITE, but like Joshua 15 always says to me, ' don't judge it might be your turn next. ' I guess Peter who is supposed to be the royal pontiff's first modal monkey of papal strain, never took Jesus' warning when he said, satan wanted to sift you, and you will deny me thrice....we do not know, but it could well be, as Paul was blighted with a thorn in the flesh, the habit wearing icon of poverty certainly had a big thorn of divining money and making it disappear.....what? She was a saint, perhaps a sipping saint, or a weed smoking saint, but nevertheless a Saint.....she just needs a clearer designation....Saint of Lost Causes.....might do...any suggestions.

Oh, by the way me Granny was a Catholic, me wife was, me Mother in law might as well be a Nun, and her sister was a Nun. I wanted to be a Franciscan, but after this expose, the shores of Catholicism are hardly looking any more rosy than they did in the Crusades. Seems like nothing has changed. Not even with a new Pope. Thanks for creating this happy moment for me, happily delete it is you think it is crud.

My Mother would have never behaved like that in public.

on Apr 25, 2005
Are all of these things the truth?
Wow, if it is, I believe mother t was not a saint, but a simple preaching obsessed maniac.
She maybe a saint in her younger days, but probably days of concocting reasons to make a foundation of a poverty based belief have changed her greatly.
Or, if the things are true, maybe there are something truly wrong in Catholicism that allows this kind of stuff to go on forever ?
Over suffering is not good, no matter what kind of belief you believe in. It's truly an opposition to what humans are suppose to be : An elevated creature who walks on Earth with great achievements based on great compassions.
on Apr 25, 2005
Nay, fair skinned little_whip, she be Saint of the Lady. [....there's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold, and she's buying a stairway to heaven.] Zchek out this link - Rev Brown's 3 sermons on Popery, Mariology etc.... One can plant a bad tree in the most fertile soil, but it will always do what bad trees do, bear bad fruit...
on Apr 25, 2005
What can be asserted without proof can be dismissed without proof."  - Christopher Hitchens
on Apr 25, 2005

Are all of these things the truth?

Most of the things listed were either said by Teresa herself in public forums or are easily documented like the matter of public record bit about Keating. That Calcutta is no better off than it was when she started is also easily documented. The organization she founded has taken in staggering amounts of cash but Calcutta has seen little of it. How many shiny new homeless shelters would $100 million buyin Calcutta? About a thousand time more than there atually are. 

on Apr 27, 2005
yea, i was gonna say: check out Christopher Hitchens' book. i worked with him at Vanity Fair. Hitch is a great guy. He is touted as our "George Orwell."

and if you like his mother theresa stuff, check out his book on henry kissinger.
on Apr 27, 2005
I'm not the least bit surprised.
You've filled this house with things of gold
While handing crumbs to the old and poor
And then you preach about being pure
And wonder why we're laughing.

When did the part about reusing needles happen? The first non-gay group to get AIDS was Haitian refugees.
And what about the old rumors of lesbianism among nuns?
on Apr 27, 2005
for all the bad stuff, at least we still have wonderful memories of elton john singing those touching lyrics at mother theresas funeral:

and it seems to me
you've lived your life
like a sandal in the bin
on Apr 27, 2005
I always thought that George Harrison, Mother Theresa, Bob Dylan, Bob Geldoff and Joan Baez were all saints.

the sad thing is...i believe you did.

As a matter of interest, was there any of this sort of thing recorded with the halloed St. Francis of the Flowers?

i believe you mean either st francis of assisi or st theresa "the little flower".
on Apr 29, 2005
Mother Theresa did more in one day to help people than you will do in your entire life. It must be terible to be as bitter as you seem. Well, we'll pray for you, and maybe someday you will come to understand the truth.
on May 01, 2005
Delve a little further into Mother Theresa's Religious Order and you'll find that here in Ireland they "managed" a Child Detention Centre . In 1943 a fire broke out under one of the dormitories and these nuns prevented the little children from leaving the dormitory in case the fire-fighters saw the children in their nightdresses. Instead the children were forced to kneel at their bedsides and recite the Rosary. 35 children died. In the subsequent inquiry the head nun was asked 2 questions about the fire and one of the surviving children was asked 500 questions.

The aftermath of the fire: To save money nine of the dead children were put into one coffin for burial.

More on Ireland's Child Detention System Here: Link
And Here : Link

on May 02, 2005
If you open your bible to the dead center verse it reads......"It is better to trust in the Lord than put confidence in men." Ps 118:8

I believe that's in the center for a reason. Many blame God for what man does. What a shame. Let's not look at man but to God.

Someday we will all be accountable for what we did here on earth. Mother T has already been judged upon death, we need to only worry about how we will fare when we stand before the judge in eternity.

on Jun 08, 2006
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on Jun 08, 2006
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on Jun 08, 2006
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