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Published on February 4, 2005 By greywar In Pure Technology

Now I know that many of the folks who read this blog are not political junkies but for those who might wish to be let me give a quick tour of the blogosphere Qlippoth I prefer (your mileage and political leaning may vary).

 My favorites?

 1. Little Green Footballs This site concentrates on political news and has a decidedly conservative viewpoint. Charles the webmaster is one of the most maligned (by the MainStream Media (MSM)) bloggers who are still working.

 2. Instapundit Run by Professor Glenn Reynolds. This is sort of a meta-blog meaning that he spends a lot of time reading and posting quick links to other peoples blogs. When Glenn links to your site you will know it. This is usually referred to as an Instalanche. 

 3. The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller Run by Emperor Darth Misha I. Another news skimmer Misha’s incredible verbal style keeps me coming back for more.

 4. Powerline An up and comer in the blog world. Big fact checkers and recently have moved into watchdogging the MSM

 5. National Review Online Outstanding articles and opinion pieces but go just because thy carry Victor Davis Hanson’s excellent columns.

 6. Brain Terminal By Evan Coyne Maloney. Great Videographies and an upcoming feature length documentary.

 6. The Best Page In The Universe Infrequently updated and not always political but always worth it when he does write something. Go read the classics like How to kill yourself like a man and Christopher Reeve is an Asshole.

 Sites I read to hear the other side?

 1. The Daily Kos By Markos “Screw Them” Zuniga. Trite crap but at least he is honest about his views and the fact that he is a paid mouthpiece of the Democratic Party.

 2. Eschaton By Atrios Pretty far left but at least refrains from using nicknames like “Chimpy” or the inventive “Shrub” for the President (most of the time).

 3. Wonkette Not Leftist or Dem really just retarded. Still popular though mainly because she likes to make dick jokes.

 Lunatic sites

 1. The Democratic Underground. OMG the forums alone make me want to vomit and laugh simultaneously.

 2. InfoWars By Alex Jones. A Texas whackjob with his fingers squarely on the paranoia of the worst element of the US (which make his site slightly more credible than the DU). Know your enemy.

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on Feb 04, 2005
Thanks for the links!  I just bookmarked them!
on Feb 04, 2005
Please feel free to leave a few of your own favorites in the comments too... previews always appreciated of course...
on Feb 05, 2005
How come you don't mention my blog under lunatic?
on Feb 05, 2005
How come you don't mention my blog under lunatic?
*chuckle* Bad press is still press I suppose? :
on Feb 07, 2005
Good list of sites to get a well rounded view of what all sides are thinking.

How about adding www.mises.org and www.lewrockwell.com for the "anti-state, anti-war, pro-market" libertarians out there that like to blog. For those who want LESS politics and rehetoric and more logic and critical thought, these are 2 really good sites that base much of their logic (regarding politcis and other topics) on Austrian Econmoic Theory. Do not misinterpret "anti-state" to mean Anti-America. For those with an open mind and who are willing to hear good arguments against their own beliefs check out these two sites.