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       Those of you who have read all 160+ of my blogs know that i am a "jingoistic" "traditionalist" and some of my less frequent readers may also think i am a fundamentalist Christian. Whatever.  I wrote an earlier blog about the songs that make me cry and in it was Toby Kieth's "American Soldier". I have finally figured out what really gets me about that tune... In the video for it the main character closely resembles Kemimas in both looks and demeanor and the Revolutionary soldier is a dead ringer for my old friend, mentor, and scoutmaster Mike Avery (RIP).

       The combo of familiar faces with the genuine emotion of the song moves me. If you think that this is the equivalent of "Low IQ country singers in red-white-and-blue cowboys hats" and prefer the musings of Michael Moore I would suggest a thorough reevaluation of your moral mother-fucking-fiber.

on Dec 03, 2004
Good for you, greywar.
on Dec 03, 2004

Wherever did you get the idea that some people think these things of you? I found it rather amusing, especially after I read the exact definitions for them at this site.

A Jingoist is an extreme bellicose nationalist. Well, I guess some of the adjectives might be appropriate but since you are in the military, why not?

A traditionalist was described in theses words: one who adheres to traditional views or one who is stubbornly conservative and narrow-minded. No way! You are very broad-minded and are well read in so many fields.

As for mistaking you for a fundamentalist Christian…those observers must be poor readers or they don’t know what those words mean.

Of course, for some reason, I probably see you in a much different light than most people.

(Just yesterday, I had thoughts about your old scoutmaster also. He was a good guy.)

(Is there really a word spelled anyways?) Is that last question deserving of a trolling/)

on Dec 04, 2004
interesting, and funny alliteration, cool!!!

and with that deep and insightful comment made.........