A bad week to fight this one out
Published on December 21, 2006 By greywar In Politics

     Some commentors have taken me to task over two of my recent articles highlighting the possibility that the UK and Europe are slowly drowning under a slow but rising tide of Politically Correct Dhimmitude. Some of them seem almost desperate to believe that I and others are exaggerating, even to the point of mounting a "defense" that goes something like this (paraphrased):

"It isn't bad that Christmas references are off limits in many cities in the UK because there are still some that refer to it."


"It is not a trend for schools to serve halal meat without consent because there are still schools that don't do that."

      I don't find either argument compelling for fairly obvious reasons. The other major objection was that I must simply be exaggerating the situation. After all they are "firing people for wearing veils" in the UK right? Hmmm... looks like you picked a bad bad week to tackle that side of this issue:

"Mustaf Jama, a prime suspect in the fatal shooting of PC Sharon Beshenivsky, assumed his sister’s identity — wearing the niqab and using her passport — to evade supposedly stringent checks at Heathrow, according to police sources." - Times Online, UK


     Hmmm... why wasn't he required to be identified by picture ID like others were? Gee I wonder... Of course you could certainly go right back to the fatuous argument, "It isn't bad because other people are being forced to be ID'd". Maybe that will make you feel better. Thats all that counts right? Obviously the situation hasn't deteriorated even in the wake of terror attacks. Surely the UK wouldn't compromise it's security for the sake of Political Correctness? It's all the fault of bloggers like Greywar who are making up stories and exaggerating them. Yeah thats the ticket...

     For the record the US is not far behind in our own Dhimmitude and if the ACLU has anything to say about it we will pass Europe in a flash.


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on Dec 21, 2006
Love the logic.
on Dec 21, 2006
Lets see... you quote the very quote I use in the article that says "suspect" and "according to police sources" and then accuse me of presenting it as fact. You sir, are a jackass.
on Dec 21, 2006
There are bound to be Britons who don't know,or care, that the essence of Christmas is being played down to appease the other religions and there will be those who don't show sufficient interest in whether their kids are served Halal meat or any meat for that matter. Many Brits don't complain enough or are "insufficiently informed" of life around them. ERgo, they don't give a toss if their culture goes down the drain.

I am not trying to be offensive but I do get angry when complacency will eventually result in a country that has no identity at all! In reply to a question on their identity, a Brit in 5 or 10 years might reply:
"Oh, we're British: We are multicultural, multi-religious, multilingiual and multi-coloured. We're a liquorice allsorts nation."

on Dec 21, 2006
To Tony Blair:
You see, Tony, this is your problem: you hide behind "confirmation and speculation" but you don't speculate beyond your guitar. It is clear you cannot see that Mr Jama has gone, exitted, fled , emigrated, flown the coop etc. No matter whether he had his grandmother's knickers around his head, he is , to coin a phrase, "exeat Brittanica".
on Dec 21, 2006

Sorry no more anonymous trolls using politicians names. Register as "Tony Blair" or fuck off.

on Dec 21, 2006
And "merry Fucking Christmas Tony!"
on Dec 21, 2006
hey tony - welcome to the magical world of deleted comments.
on Dec 26, 2006
Grey, glad to see you back. Sorry I haven't stopped in sooner.

Thanks for the good insights as always. I struggle with the PC monster myself (working at a gov't agency and all), and it just isn't all the fun that's it cracked up to be....

I gave a 1 hr presentation of my 6 week trip to Iraq to a group of co-workers when I came back. I showed pictures of some of the bombed out buildings, and noted that these were the sites of some of the first strikes of the war.

My boss called me in a few days later, because some of my "colleagues" were concerned that I may have offended somebody. Apparently, by mentioning the fact that the photos showed the sites of some of the first strikes of the war, I may have offended some, by coming off as an Arab-hating war monger.

In other news, I now drive a hybrid car. One of my friends asked me why, and I told him it had to do with dependence of foreign oil, and not really on environmental concerns (although that isn't a bad side effect, it wasn't the reason I bought the car). He told me I should get a bumper sticker made up that says: "I'm not a tree-hugger. I just hate Mujahadin."