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June 15, 2007 by greywar
     Paging Ben Stein... the President desperately needs someone to vet statements like this:


"Mr. Bush said the $4.4 billion would “come from the fines and penalties that we collect from those who have come to our country illegally” and apply for legal status." -NYT

     Really? Thats truly amazing. I wonder how it is that Arnold Kling never stumbled across the branch of economics known as "Magic". After Al Gore g...
June 11, 2007 by greywar
     For those who don't follow James Lilek's as a blogger or a columnist for the Minneapolis Star-Tribune a bit of background:


The Strib's circulation has been in freefall for a couple of years (like most papers) 

The Strib actually cancelled Lilek's column (despite it's popularity both at home and online) 

Then they actually considered firing the only columnist they had with any national expose (Lilek's blog "The Bleat is widely read and his boo...
June 4, 2007 by greywar
      When I was in school there were always kids (myself included) who would bitch and while that we should be allowed to use calculators for even simple math. Would my school have done me a favor by allowing it? Probably not and here is why.      There are two questions listed below. One of the questions should be able to be answered by any Joe or Jane off the street without hesitation and the other isn’t really esoteric knowledge but it is not...
May 2, 2007 by greywar
     General Casey has decided to issue an edict of very little brain. Ostensibly intended to stop OPSEC leaks (and of course anything negative about the military) from military members who blog or email their families he has decided that you can't write an email to your family or post to your blog unless you let an officer read it first.

"The U.S. Army has ordered soldiers to stop posting to blogs or sending personal e-mail messages, without first clearing the c...
April 25, 2007 by greywar
     O'Reilly has been predicting this for weeks now and despite being pooh-pooh'ed by any number of other pundits he seems to be right.


TMZ has now confirmed the buzz that we exclusively reported last night: Rosie O'Donnell will announce on today's show that she is leaving "The View." And TMZ has confirmed that "View" honchos are already searching for her replacement.



I guess my article on Rosie hanging with the counter-productive ...
April 24, 2007 by greywar
    Russell Simmons is a hip-hop producer and also the motive force behind Russell Simmon's Def Comedy Jam. If you have ever sat through a Def Jam product you know that it promotes the worst of the "hip-hop" culture. he is also a massive hypocrite.

    Vulgarity, debasment of women, promotion of racial stereotypes, and outright rascism against non-blacks are the common denominator of all of Simmon's products. I am all for that. Honestly. I like Hip-hop and the mo...
March 26, 2007 by greywar
     No one forces you to sign things unless they have a gun. You can however be forced by the sheer synergistic power of your own stupidity, laziness, and ignorance though. This is the case with many homebuyers and folks who take out debt consolidation mortgages.

     CNN just did a fairly long piece on the folks who have signed up for loans that they haven't got a prayer of paying off ever. Of course CNN's AnchorDweeb fawned over the morons who ...
March 14, 2007 by greywar
     Sugar-High Elf asked what the problem would be with gay folks being in the military in this article. Rather than glom up her commentary with a long post I just decided to write a response.

     The problem is not "gays in the military" as there are plenty already serving. The problem tends to come about when gays (particularly gay men) "come out" to their unit. I have seen this several times over many years and most of the time the scenario has bee...
February 7, 2007 by greywar
     The Army needs to find ways to keep it’s costs under control and replacing the current retirement system with a 401(k) system is one that should be done right now.

*WARNING* : Long and number filled article ahead!

      For those that don’t know the military has been reducing and restructuring it’s retirement benefits for some time. The programs offered vary but the  most common for military who entered service after 1986 are High-3, R...
January 26, 2007 by greywar
If you are looking for today's wordy/opinionated post regarding Standards in the Army either scroll farther down or go directly to the permalink here. Others just enjoy the picture and an unrelated video from the Ft. Huachuca Intelligence school graduation :



The AF Chief Master Sergeant pictured is LC Country Red from the Anti-Idiotarian Empire.


And here is the Graduation video (long) :
January 26, 2007 by greywar
Warning: Military content ahead. If you are easily bored go read Lileks instead.

Question: Is the Army better off recruiting geniuses or altruists?


     When I was thinking of joining the military (I wanted the Air Force BTW (as a small arms instructor)) two of my close friends also wanted to join up. All 3 of us went and took the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) test to qualify with the following results:

“Rob”: Scored well enough for...
January 5, 2007 by greywar
     A few days ago I posted an article about the commentary from the Kos Kidz regarding Michelle Malkin's upcoming trip to Iraq. The response was mainly positive with only two exceptions:

By an Anonymous Coward-

"First of all. learn to SPELL. People judge you two ways. First, by the way you look, l then by the way you speak (write). They can overlook your lack of beauty, but if you speak as an idiot, that is the way that they will think of you. As an idiot that cannot ...
January 3, 2007 by greywar
      I try and read the Daily Kos on accasion to keep some persective on things from the extreme Left side of the aisle. Today I didn't get very far though. The actual post isn't bad, it is the commentary from the Kos Kidz that really makes me want to vomit.

     For those who don't know, Michelle Malkin is a blogger who is going to be imbedded in Iraq. Before her imbed application was approved Eason Jordan (formerly of CNN fame) offered to pay f...
December 26, 2006 by greywar
     Should there be any lingering doubt as to the massive influence wielded by the "Eunuch Nations", President Ahmadinejad of Iran reacted to the august body's latest U.N. "resolution" in the following manner :

     "The United Nations, which unanimously passed a resolution imposing sanctions on Iran, have been "dismissed" by Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who calls the resolution a "piece of paper" and also says that its in "the best inter...
May 23, 2006 by greywar
     Now I am not sure how many of you have already seen this reeking example of auto-ambulatory fecal matter that the left calls Jesse MacBeth but for those who have not heard of him let me sum up:


     MacBeth claims to have been a U.S. Army Ranger with the 3rd Ranger Bn 75th Ranger Regiment in Fallujah, Iraq for 16 months during the start of the war. Additionally said Ranger claims to have committed war crimes such as the delibera...