Published on November 26, 2005 By greywar In Blogging
I hate to distract from my own articles by posting over them but I have to know... why was Blackistan exiled? Anyone? I am not disputing the validity of the ban but rather I wonder what the fuck I missed? As far as I have ever seen all they have done is post wierd erotic poetry...? Fill me in JU....
on Nov 26, 2005
He's still listed as a citizen. What made you think he was exiled?
on Nov 27, 2005
At least Blackistan2 just posted...
on Nov 27, 2005
Who are you working for no anyways? e-mail me thomas.last1@
on Nov 27, 2005
Blackistan2 looks like their alter log on. Blackistan the original is in fact exiled. Check here.
on Nov 27, 2005
It does not say when he was exiled, but last log on date indicates that it was September. Perhaps he asked to be deleted so he could start anew?
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